The story of the "Bärenschlössle" (The Bear Castle)

After the demolition of the original pavilion in 1817, King “Wilhelm the first” built a large hunting pavilion where the surrounding park was transformed into a game reserve. The game reserve became larger over time and show hunting was organized with more than 700 deer in order to then dine festively at the Bärenschlössle (Bear Castle). Up until the First World War, one could visit the zoo and the Bärenschlössle (Bear Castle) by purchasing a season ticket for two marks, which at that time was a lot of money. It was not until after the First World War that the entire complex was accessible to the public without paying for admission. From then on, the flow of visitors continued unbroken, which continues still today.

Unfortunately, the Bärenschlössle (Bear Castle) endured a fire bomb in 1943 and a fire in 1994 in which it was completely destroyed. Now after being rebuilt for the fourth time, the Bärenschlössle (Bear Castle) remains within the same style it was originally built. However, only today the windows on the upper floor have been completely replaced by glazed gullwing doors. These provide fantastic views of the surrounding countryside and the lake at the foot Bärensee (Bear Lake). The doors, opened in the summer, lead to the terrace, where cozy tables invite you to linger.

Visitors of the Bärenschlössle (Bear Castle) come from near and far to visit this little gem to enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature and will remember their visit for a long time. See you at the Bärenschlössle (Bear Castle) Stuttgart!